What is the relation between Art and Climate Change?

What is the relation between Art and Climate Change?

Alive! Art Creativity & Climate Change asked Artists, Educators and Friends of the network to share their insights early 2022 on the relation between Art and Climate Change. A discussion followed in Alive!’s event on 8 February 2022. This is what they shared:

Art can act like litmus paper – it’s the mirror of our times. It has a capacity to present and bring to light complex issues in ways that are accessible, often playful and open ended. It is more visually engaging than raw facts or scientific reports. The power of Art and the imagination inspires new possibilities, new worlds, new ways of seeing. Inspiration is a greater catalyst than fear and guilt and I think creativity is essential for the necessary shift of paradigm necessary to take us into a sustainable future”. Garth Bowden

“In a complex and universal issue such as Climate Change, we need a paradigm shift in the way we relate to the natural eco-systems. We need to revisit our relation to nature to understand that we are part and not separate of our great eco-system Earth. Art helps us to shake the status quo and open new visions for the society”.  Marianne Mensah

“ In the 21st century, activism is no longer optional, every action or inaction we do is political, and Art plays a pivotal role in raising awareness to problems and solutions within the context of our climate crisis.” John K. Melvin

Art is a medium of expression which touches emotions. Emotions are what make us act. In this regard, Art is a powerful agent for change.” Stephanie Mareva Failloux

Art can educate and more importantly can reach people’s emotions. I don’t believe people change behavior on the basis of data or it would have been solved by now but emotion connects and my practice is rooted in connecting emotion to data.” Leslie Sobel

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