Romina Romay

Romina Romay, Music Composer

Courtesy of SDS Com

Whispers of Nature

“I compose music based on the dynamic forces of nature, the vitality and the activity of plants. I call this “Whispers of Nature”. It is very subtle, almost imperceptible  We are surrounded by these beings all the time and we are not aware of them. When we are in contact with nature, the whispers change. This experience allows us to become aware again of our connection with nature. There is harmony and coherence in nature. The vitality that exists in all living beings gives a particular form in time and space. We can translate this form into music through harmony, rhythm, melody… Nature has an harmony.” Romina Romay

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Romina Romay is a music composer, pianist, conductor and improviser, actually doing a PhD in music composition at the University Côte d’Azur (CIRM/CTEL). She is graduated of Piano studies at the Conservatory Julian Aguirre at Buenos Aires, of the “Licenciatura” in Musical Arts, orientation in composition – National University of Arts of Buenos Aires -, and of a Master’s degree in Contemporary Performance and Composition at the CNSMD National Conservatory of Music and Danse of Lyon. In addition to her doctorate, Romina Romay carries out pedagogical actions as a mediator of art/science at the CIRM National Center of Music Creation around themes related to electroacoustic music, multimedia composition, ecology and improvisation.