About Alive!

Alive! Art Creativity & Climate Change is about exploring the potential of art and education to inspire the transition to a more sustainable society. Adressing the complex and universal issue of climate change requires a paradigm shift.

With Alive!, artists and educators propose a sensitive and creative approach of climate change inspired by ecology and the relation with the Living. Alive! unleashes new artistic and creative experiences through visual arts, music and poetry.

  • What if a paradigm shift was essential to change, reduce our environmental footprint and adapt in the new conditions set by climate change?
  • What if the transformations ahead required to remember our relation of interdependence with Nature and ecology ?
  • What if art, creativity and education fostered resilience and empowerment in the face of climate change?

Alive! Art Creativity & Climate Change is an ‘association d’intérêt général’ Loi 1901 registered in France, RNA W061016067