Stéphanie Novello

Stéphanie Novello, Creative Mediator

Stéphanie Novello is a facilitator of creative workshops,  whether for inner exploration or for collective intelligence. 

As a painter, creativity and Art have always been at the heart of her life path.

After a career as a business manager in communication and artistic events, Stéphanie Novello decided to learn more about the creative processes involved in collective intelligence and has been trained in expressive arts related to well-being therapies.  (Iris Creativity, Life Art Process, Cassiopée Institute) 

Sensitive to environmental issues, Stéphanie Novello trained in ecological facilitation (Inspir4transitions / Bloom). A holistic approach that promotes deep listening and the emergence of a collective truth, taking care of relationships with oneself, with others, and with each of its ecosystems. 

Involved in associations for women, Stéphanie Novello facilitates workshops using painting, writing, collage to promote inner exploration and self-confidence.

Stéphanie Novello is committed to developing themes where the connection to oneself and to living things plays an essential role. 

Her belief is that creative expression allows you to reveal yourself and give meaning to life. A gift that Stéphanie Novello wants to pass on with enthusiasm and kindness.