Stephen Dewey

Stephen Dewey, Sound Designer

After a lengthy career in music and sound, Stephen Dewey has shifted his creative and art focus to elevate awareness of the existential moment in which nature, the environment and climate change have become inextricably entwined and the urgent need to take remedial action. Stephen Dewey‘s career in sound began after leaving school at 18 years old to run the sound department of a boutique London film laboratory. It was as close to the eagerly desired job at a recording studio as was available at the time. Two years later that job materialized, eventually leading to six years on the technical side of making music with a small scruffy band that transformed into global chart topping 80s act, The Thompson Twins. As the age of thirty, Stephen Dewey worked in Los Angeles, programming synthesizers and computers for films such as ‘ Gorillas in the Mist ‘, ‘ Ghost ‘ and ‘ The Mosquito Coast ‘. The record making side of that time was spent with equally A list stars such as Michael Jackson, Burt Bacharach and Barbara Streisand. A shift to sound design occurred when Ridley Scott required some sonic embellishments for his feature film ‘ Black Rain ‘. Later, Stephen Dewey started designing for sound installations began, starting with participation in the San Pedro Sound Walk Festival in 2009. Latterly Stephen Dewey has collaborated with the artist Sebastien Leon Agneessens on several installations and sculptural projects. Last year one of his collaborations with the London photographer Ray Burmiston and his ‘ Take a Moment ‘ was featured on site at Piccadilly Circus. Currently Stephen Dewey is beginning to work with photography and sound at his studio barn in the English Countryside, photographing nature, the local wildlife and composing musical vignettes to match.